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Rado Plus Hair Laser Device – the Device You Need

The Rado Plus hair laser device, 2022 version, has 3 real wavelengths: Alexandrite (755 nm) for light skin, diode (808 nm) for beige/sandy skin, and Endiag (1064 nm) for dark skin. It has the ability to remove thick and fuzzy hair from all skin types. The laser bar of the laser device is the most important part of laser devices, which if neglected can cause problems for the device like response lack or improper operation. The Rado Plus hair laser device has 10 lines of 120 W, which results in an output power of 1200 W.

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Candela Hair Laser Removal

Datis Laser Co. is honored to present the most up-to-date high-copy Alexandrite Candela Laser Device in order to take a big step towards equipping the country’s beauty clinics. Datis Laser Co. is the main sales representative of the Alexandrite Candela Laser Device in Iran.

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